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What if if you are young forever?  sounds like a line from song isn’t it? After certain age, again you will turn into a baby and start over again? I know its creepy!! Forever young is a different kind of paranormal suspense novel available online which I read last year. The concept is new and makes it unique. Another novel worth reading.

Story starts with an young girl waking up on an island  called “Eternity”without knowing where is she and who is she? The island is filled with a lot of children and few countable adults who take care of these children. They dont have TV ot magazines or good clothes. Creativity is punished there and nobody is allowed to ask questions. But Samantha Young (I know the name brings the sarcasm, you will know it if you read the story) remembers some things from her past and she keeps asking doubts and getting punished for that. One day she finds out the ultimate secret of the place and the people. What is the secret? Who are these people? to find out this you will have to read it.

Concept is very new and interesting but the ending was kind of messed up. But a good time pass read. If you want to try some suspense here is the link to read book-

I Love “Mowgli”, in my childhood days I was keen of watching Jungle book cartoon series which was coming on DD national Chanel on Sunday morning ( somewhere around 9-10, I dont remember exactly 😦 ) I liked every character in Jungle book and never missed one episode.

Jungle Book meant Mowgli to me and  I was not aware that there are other stories too. I liked the Hindi version of Mowgli title song it goes like this- Jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai… Chaddi pahan ke phool khila hai.

The Jungle Book review:

 I hadn’t realized until now that The Jungle Book is actually a number of short stories and songs or verses. When I was young, I expected the whole book to be about Mowgli. But when I read now surprisingly I found myself not disappointed because I knew its not only about Mowgli. I enjoyed other stories as mush as I enjoyed Mowgli’s story. Its a children’s book but I would not say its only for Children because It is a book that will appeal to and entertain children but it has the most beautiful language and invention to satisfy reader without age difference. The songs are well rhymed and meaningful.

There are stories of white seal, Mongoose, Elephants and other animals. What I liked the most is there is a good concept behind every stories. I would not call it as a moral, but its good concept. I liked the way author described the monkeys, the bhandar log kidnapping Mowgli and their lost mind that they cant concentrate on a single thing for too long. White seal story is very interesting. I recommend this book, its good to step into the chidhood memories once in a while! I am planning to read “The Second Jungle Book” soon.

This is a sequel to Scary Mary. I should say that this is better than the first one. The characters seemed improved and confident. This book has more adventures of Mary and more ghosts are appearing in front of her. More than anything here she is going to save her enemy Vicky, who is in comma but still Mary can hear her talking to her and she feel that Vicky is struggling and asking Mary to help her. Will  she save Vicky? for knowing Mary’s adventures you should read the book “Stalking Shadows”.

You can read the book here-

May be some novels are available for free, may be not recognized by many but they are good. I started a new category for this online novels  in my blog which are as wonderful as other available books. I have already read many books which are available for free online with author’s permission on feed books. Amazing lycan series by Nicky Charles, and Vampire series by S.C Stephens and a unique novel about werepanthers by Jan Gordon. They all have brilliant talent of writing. Here is another similar book by S.A Hunter about a high school girl who can hear dead people. I read it a year back.

 Don’t let the “Scary” in Scary Mary fool you. The cover has a dark tone but it really isn’t that scary. Its not so scary like how it seems according to the title. Its about a school girl who sees and hears spooky things and everybody treats her as a weirdo in school. Mary tries to keep to herself and not draw any attention, but sometimes strikes back. This is an young adult story. What will happen to Mary? Will she ever get treated as a normal girl in school? Why she keeps hearing ghosts? There is a sequel for this novel it is called- Stalking Shadows. I have read it too.

Its a good time pass story if you want to give a try-

 Take a break from vampires and werewolves, and read something different.

Very late for the review! I know, I wanted to read this book long back but some how kept saying to myself ”Later”. I never read any of Dan Brown’s books before. I should say his style of writing is different. Even though this  is historical, scientific friction and thriller novel I caught myself laughing sometimes 🙂

I dont know how accurate is  the information given in this novel but for the first time I came across the word ”Illuminati”. I was not aware of crusades and hassassian things mentioned in the book. While reading the book I searched all the information and read it in between. I was only aware of Indian history and some war in Afghanistan, Kabul, and Bangladesh. So I had to read Vatican history a bit.

Coming to the story,  Robert Langdon, professor of religious iconology and art history at Harvard University is called by Maximilian Kohler, the director of CERN, world’s largest scientific research center to meet him about “Illuminati”. Lenoardo Vetra created the antimatter to simulate the Big Bang but somebody murdered him and stole it form him leaving an “Illuminati” brand on his murdered body. Then Langdon travels to Vatican city  along with Dr. Vetra’s daughter Vittoria Vetra when they get the news that stolen canister is in Vatican city. But Vatican city with the recent death of the Pope, the cardinals of the Catholic Church are all within the city for the conclave to choose the new pope. Langdon and Vittoria Vetra have to find out four kidnaped cardials and locate the canister by tracking the hassassian murderer. How will they find where the murder is going to happen? How can they locate the Canister? Who is behind this? What is this “Illuminati” and its brotherhood?

Even though this was interesting story I speed read it sometimes skipping the explanation about interiors of the place and the conversation between BBC news team. Immediately after reading I watched movie and i was disappointed,they completely ruined the concept.  There was no importance for Hassassian  and most of the characters are changed and even the concept was changed accordingly. There was nothing related to the book.

What can be more tasty than a curry made from mixing different spices? Yes playing with spices and experimenting on food is something I always do, sometimes I get excellent result and sometimes end up spoiling the taste 🙂

I watched the movie Mistress of spices, Aishwarya Rai (as Tilo) and Dylan McDermott (as Doug aka Raven) long back, but today I read the novel, which was adapted into movie. A mythical, romantic, and spicy story of spice and the mistress of spices who is old, who has the gift of special powers to talk to spices and use it for welfare of human beings. Novel describes about Indians who came to America in search of different things. Tilo, the mistress of spices solve everybody’s problem by giving them different spices. But she can not use them for herself or fall in love with anybody. In spite of all the warnings she falls in love with a man. From here story is mainly about how she will fight back her desire for mortal life and love? How spices will punish her, will they leave her and go forever? What her Old one, who made her mistress of spices will do to stop her?

There are lot of difference between book and the movie. Movie does not say about pirates coming in ships and taking her away from her parents, it is pictured as a group of bandits. Movie does not show  any serpents helping her to reach the Island. Main difference is in the movie “Mistress” is not old lady, she is young and beautiful, there is no earthquake and powers are still with her. I felt the novel kind of boring in between.

This time for my surprise I liked the movie than book. In book it seemed so unreal, but in movie everything was so clear and seemed real to me.

I should say that I made a brave decision by reading this book. Its not like this book is about extra dangerous adventure or horrifying. Its becuase before I  took this book for reading, I read some reviews and was in a great confusion. I read a review from a fan who read Diana Palmer’s many books and found this book tough to read. But my aim is to explore every possible thing about books and different readers, and their way of writing. “Tough to Tame” is  the first book I read from this author.

It was an easy read. Not so lengthy, more like a little expanded version of short story. Its about a girl Cappie who has bills to pay, a brother who cant walk due to a bomb blast, a job at veterinary hospital as vet technician. Her ex boyfriend is in jail  who  is waiting to take revenge on her. In between all these difficulties she falls in love with her boss who is very tough and women hater sort of guy. What will happen to her brother? Will her ex boy friend take revenge on her once he is out of the jail? Will she get her love?

Everyone feels that the author always writes about a tough guy, who is women hater and a nice, naive, virgin girl who falls in love with him, but he sends her away by being rude and hurting her, finally something will workout and they will be together. I dont know if  its true until I read some more books from this author I cant say.

After reading ”Thanks for the memories” and “P.S I love you” I definitely wanted to read more from this author. By looking at the title I felt its a romantic story but no, it was entirely different.

Its a story about a girl  named Sandy Shortt who started ‘Missing person’s agency’. Who is obsessed with lost things since her childhood after her neighbor and classmate disappears. Sandy struggles to cope with the concept of lost and how things can suddenly disappear. Where does things go when they disappear? She finds an answer to this question finally when she goes missing and lands up in such a place, A place called here where all the missing people are.

Imagine a land where all people who are alive and missing go, and things go! Yes its some thing similar to dream land. Where things keep appearing and people keep popping up when they went missing in “real” world. I had same thoughts when I was a kid, where things will go missing even though you keep them safe, and remember the place where you kept them. I use to loose my earrings, socks, pens and homework in my school days and kept wondering where did all things go? And even now some small things goes missing.

There is something about this book that kept me reading in spite of being a little bored in between. It was so interesting in the beginning then story was bit slow, but it gives different view about where missing things go. May be its true! 🙂

I was so attracted by the title: “Prom Nights from Hell”. What does prom nights from hell mean to you? Like some sexy vampire will come and kiss you on the prom night?  Or you realize how bad your dress looks when compared to others, or somebody poured mixed fruit punch on your hair and you exactly look like a peacock? Under normal circumstances these things will surely add in the list of prom nights from hell but this book is not about normal circumstances.

The book was released 2 years ago.  It has got 5 short stories by popular authors. Supernatural stories about the prom nights.

The Exterminator’s Daughter, by Meg Cabot. For those who are want to read about vampires. Its a very simple story where Mary, whose mother was a vampire hunter wants to save her friend Lila who is under spell of Dracula’s son. With her own crossbow and a handsome guy Adam in her side will she able to kill the Dracula? What will happen to her prom night?

The Corsage by Lauren Myracle. This story is kinda creepy but good classic horror story. Its about the cursed corsage, Frankie got it from a fortune teller. Frankie wants Will to ask her out for the prom night she wishes for that holding that Corsage from there everything changes.  Will is dying to ask her for prom night I mean literally! Be careful what you wish for.

Kiss and tell by Michele Jaffe.  18 year old Mirinda has superpowers and she wants to save people with it. Sibby is 14 year old girl who cant keep her mouth shut I mean to say she likes to talk and kiss guys. Some people are threatening her life and its up to  Mirinda  to save her. This story is not about prom night but a part of it is related to it.

Madison Avery and the Dim Reaper by Kim Harrison. Its an introduction to the Madison Avery trilogy.Madison is so pissed on the prom night becuase she finds out that she was a pity date and was dumped by a nerd. To make him jealous she leaves the prom with a handsome guy who turns out to be an  evil and kills her. Now she is in between human and ghost form surviving with a stone kind of amulet that she snatched from the guy who killed her.

Hell on Earth by Stephenie Meyer. All twilight fans, here is again a wonderful story. Prom night changes into hell, full of misery night with broken ankles, jewelry, and broken romance. Its all becuase of a new girl Sheba who is 186 years old demon in disguise. Will she be able to spoil the prom night? I liked the ending a lot.

A journey towards  horror, and supernatural prom night. Its not too late to attend a horrifying prom night 🙂

My Sister KkeeperI never read any book of  Picoult before, I started reading this last week ( Nights in Rodanthe still half read ) and found it very interesting. As soon as I finished reading I knew what to do. yes! get more books of same author. I got two books- Picture perfect and House rules  🙂

My Sister’s Keeper is about a young girl, Anna, who was conceived in order to be a donor for her older sister Kate.  Anna is welcomed by her parents to this world just to donate her blood, organs and tissue to her elder sister who is struggling to live with Leukemia. Anna cant live her own life because she may needed any time at hospital if her sister gets sick. Finally Anna decides to file a case against her family when she comes to know that she will have to donate a kidney to her sister Kate, who is about to die without it.

What will happen to Anna’s decision?  How her parents will react when they come to know about it? Will she succeed? What will happen to her sister Kate, will she survive? I liked the way author described everybody’s point of view. Its not  only about Anna, when you read it you will know what everyone feels about it. Amazing way of expressing the feelings. I had my tissues out fully prepared, but to my surprise the ending I had expected never came. I hated Sara’s character here. She only cared out her sick daughter Kate by completely neglecting Anna and Jesse. I didn’t expect the depressing ending. But overall it stands as a  good book. Worth reading once.