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Its a vampire story I read from an Indian author Varsha Dixit. Its rare to find vampire stories  written by Indian aouthors.

 Its about a young  Indian girl who has nothing exciting in her life other than office and home. Megha chandra  lives in US  but no real social life. One day she  meets a mystery creature ( thats what we can call it becuase its kind of hybrid between vampire and were wolf) who got looks to die for. Actually that is Byron and he came in search of her. Why this mystery creature came? What it has to do with Megha? Will she fall for his looks even though he is not human?

I kinda liked Varsha Dixit’s writing, its humuorous. I am sure once you are reading the book you will love the conversation between Megha and Byron and you will hope for each other to fall in love and live happily ever after. But its not the case here there are many mysteries falling in between.After all loving their own killer is madness. Its not sad or its not happy either. Its something which leaves you with ‘why’ or a big  ‘ooooh’!

  I read this book last year Feb, but  gave this book to my friend before shifting from where I was living before. Now I have to buy this book once again to add to my collection. I want to read her first book “Right fit wrong shoe”. But right now I have  many books waiting for me to read 🙂 But I will definately read her first book.

This is one of the best books I have ever read. I was so eager to read this book after reading   ”The Kite runner”. Almost 3 months back I read this book.

The story begins in the 1970’s with Mariam, the illegitimate daughter of a housemaid. Mariam and her mother are forced to live out skirts of village by Mariam’s  dad and his wives. With her mother’s death, the teen-aged Mariam is forced into marriage with Rasheed, an abusive stranger. More than 20 years later, in the midst of war, Rasheed takes another teenaged wife, the recently orphaned, Laila. Who is born and brought up in all modern circumstances, unlike Marim.
Even though Mariam hates her in the beginning, then she starts to feel comfortable with her and they are like only hope left for each other. What will happen to Laila and Mariam? Will they get away from abusive Rahed? How their life takes twists? What is their pain? To know answers you will have to read this book.

I really enjoyed his second book. I was wondering could he manage to write better than Kite runner? But I should say here that its an excellent work. Its like I am seeing these characters from other culture and society, learning their way of living. I felt their pain and felt their happiness. It is so real and heart touching.

Khaled Hosseini’s first novel – The kite runner.The novel is about a young boy named Amir who lives in a wealthy neighborhood of Kabul in the early 1970s. His best friend is Hassan, the son of his father’s servant, Ali, both of them are close in age. Every winter, they take part in Kabul’s kite flying contest, where the winner not only has the last kite flying but also is able to  collect the last kite to fall. One such incident will lead to some unexpected turnings.

Amir always feels that his dad doesn’t love him, for getting his attention he tries his level best. One day he commits a mistake which will haunt him throughout the life.  Even though he comes far from everything and starts a new life he always has something in his heart unfinished. One day he will go back and will correct his mistake. A wonderful story about war and humanity.

An amazing concept, truly I dont have any words to describe the book. I totally  loved this novel. After reading this book I so wanted to see Kabul and the places related to this story. I am sure one day will visit to all these places.

I read it last year I am glad I did 🙂 I borrowed this book from one of my friend. But later he asked me to keep this book becuase I was in love with this book 😉

This is a must read book if you want to have a wonderful experience of reading. So readers out there, go grab a copy and start reading…..

Finally I am writing about the last part of the Harry potter series- “Harry potter and Deathly Hallows”. I read it 3 years back. I was so worried about the roumers going on about Harry’s death in this book. I liked the series so much from the begining. I didnt want Harry to die at the end and spoil everything.

This book definately didnt dissapoint me. I liked the book, how it ended almost how I wanted it to end. Fight with Vorldemort is wonderful and as usual with  Hermoine and Ron’s help Harry’s adventure goes on. I was little sad becuase this is the last book and was happy that its a happy ending. Its like bitter sweet 🙂

I highly recommend this book and the whole series for those who haven’t read it. Its a book which will take you to the imaginary world of spells and magic.

This book has got answers to every questions that came in my mind since I started reading the series. J. K. Rowling solidified her position as the best character creator in the history of writing with this book. This book transports me to the center of the wizarding world, a place I’m very much in love with and I always imagine, how it will be to actually live in such place. I know its crazy 🙂

With the half-blood prince the story turns into a much darker scenario. Harry now coming more closer to his destiny. His fights with Voldemort is getting more closer and darker than ever. As usual I loved the book 😉

Its 5th book in the series of Harry Potter. Rowling’s writing demonstrates exceptional skill in narrative and storytelling. This book is realy interesting becuase it seems here the story is getting into a new tension filled twists,Good Vs Evil everywhere. The book is climaxed by the fight at the Ministry of Magic over possession of a prophecy. But aside from possession of the prophecy, the real triumph for Harry’s side is the recognition by the public that Voldemort really is back and Harry will have to face his big lose at the end.

Story was amazing as usual 🙂 There were many heart melting situations and again ended with an unexpected twist.

What can possibly be worst than having  lot of books and no time to read! Yes it is worst case when you have all new set of books and you get hell lot of work at office.  This time for new year my husband gifted me  3 wonderful books but I have no time to read 😦

From past one week I had some problem with my eyesight which turned to tiredness and irritation in my eyes and head ache. I was so worried that I will have to wear power glasses which I dont like to wear( I have a thought that I will look little older if I wear glasses 🙂 ) Finally yesterday went to doctor and she told I dont have problem with eye sight its all becuase of my work and continues stress. ( Same thing when I told to my boss, he  gave me a big lecture about how to love your job and get away from all these problem without consulting doctor!!! God knows how it is related to my eyes!!) I was relaxed  to know nothings wrong.

My ‘yet to read list’:

Girls of Riyadh – Rajaa Alsanea (Which I am managing to read whenever I have some free time in between work)

Burned alive – Jean Sasson

Nights In Rodanthe – Nicholas Sparks

Rogue – Danielle steel

The House – Danielle steel

Bonded – Nicky Charles (online novel in feed books)

The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

P.S I love you – Cecelia Ahern (I know I know Its real shame that I didn’t read it till now, but I watched the movie long back)

Revolution 2020 – Chetan Bhagat

One day – David Nicholas

After the party – Lisa Jewell

It happened in Paris – Molly Hopkins

Hopefully I can get time to read all these books and buy few more books soon 🙂 Tell me about your ‘yet to read book list’ I will be happy to know. Keep smiling and keep reading 🙂

I have decided to write about Harry Potter series first before I write about any other books that I have read. Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire is 4th book in the Harry Potter series. In this book Harry will get the readers under the spell! Its another wonderful masterpiece of J.K Rowling.

Book starts with ‘as usual life’ of Harry, that means another dreadful summer in the  Dursley’s. Life at Hogwarts is interesting as usual with its magical imaginary stuff. But things change when Harry and his 2 best friends, Ron and Hermione, become entangled with the mystery of The Goblet of Fire….

Its filled with dark powers compared to other 3 books. As Harry is growing even his fights with dark powers are growing. The more he learns about the fast the more tougher his fight becomes. You can call the ending of this book sad becuase so well known character die here. But its amazing story of Harry’s adventure one must read.

The story starts on the night of Harry’s 13th birthday. Magical things start to happen all around. Harry escapes from the Dursley’s . Along the way he meets up with his two best friends: Ron and Hermione. Then there we will know that the Sirius Black is looking for Harry. From there on out, things start to change and with lot of twists another adventurous journey of Harry and his friends starts.

This book is very lightest book of the series. No war with Lord Voldemort, or not much dark powers around. Its an enjoyable story. This book is truly a masterpiece of creative writing. This book falls to  wonderful, amazing, terrific, and most descriptive and creative books category. After reading this book I started imagining about being in such place and getting those magical powers of spells.

I am planning ti read all 7 books Harry Potter series once again, I dont feel bored of Harry Potter books how much ever I read 🙂

After finishing the first book, with in a months gap I started reading the second book. Story starts with Harry stuck in basement for his birthday. The Dursley’s got so mad at him and his magic that they locked him in basement for entire summer. But Ron comes and rescues him and takes him out of there. From there another year of  new journey of 3 friends- Harry, Ron and Hermione starts. Author has got a amazing way of story telling. Everything is so linked and you will know that when you read the other parts. Every part and incidents are somehow linked throughout the Harry Potter series.

Another adventure of Harry. When i was reading the second book I felt all the characters were so familiar to me. I have to buy this book for my collection. I have 1st, 5th, 6th part rest all I borrowed and read. By this year end I am planning to buy remaining parts  and complete my collection.

A wonderful book, full of surprises 🙂