Oliver’s Story by Erich Segal

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Fiction, Romance
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I wanted to read this book from a long back. To read this, I skipped reading ”Nights in Rodanthe” which I planned to read by this week starting. I dont  know why I took this long gap to read ”Oliver’s  Story ” (sequel to ”Love story”) after reading ”Love story” years back.  I am a huge fan of Erich Segal. till now I have read two books written by him, and this is third one.

This story is about Oliver after his wife Jenny’s death. Here you can see him struggling to cope up with things in life without Jenny’s presence.  He tries to move on somehow and gives a chance to a lady called Marcie, but feels that no one could and would replace Jenny in his heart becuase their love was for life time.  Slowly he starts liking his father whom he hated the most before.  He takes over the business and tries to stay calm, how Jenny wanted  him to be like, when she was alive.

A wonderful story, I liked it a lot. Its not that lengthy too. I regret for not reading this earlier . I have to watch the movie soon 🙂

  1. axcela08 says:

    does it have a movie too like Nights in Rodanthe? you should also read Nights in Rodanthe… you’ll definitely cry..a great novel.

    • Deepika says:

      Yes Oliver’s story has a movie too.. Its been almost two weeks that I am trying to read Nights in rodanthe. Some how not getting time to read. will read it soon. Thanks for sharing your opinion

  2. I have read Erich Segals, ‘Love Story’ but found it a bit depressing. And then I didn’t try any of his other works. Maybe I should now after reading this review of yours.

    Cheers 🙂

    • Deepika says:

      Yes, ‘Love story’ and ‘Oliver’s story’ are sad endings.But Erich Segal’s books are worth reading.
      I hope you will have fun reading ‘Oliver’s story’.Happy reading 🙂
      Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Nova says:

    I remember reading all of Erich Segal when I was a teen… In fact one book had gone out of print and took a lot of effort for me to get it… it was based on a class of doctors that graduate in a year… cant recall the name…

  4. Deepika says:

    I think the name of that book is ‘Doctors’. I remember reading about it somewhere.
    Thanks for stopping by and vising my blog 🙂

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