Anything’s Possible by Cathy Gillen Thacker

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Romance
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Somehow it skipped out of my memory.  I dunno how can I forget this wonderful romance?  I read it almost 2 years back. Its an amazing love story filled with romance.

Coming to the story Josh Donovan is a popular singer with huge fan group. Even thogh he is famous and rich, he still misses something and some memories haunt him. Libby Forsythe and Josh Donovan  grew up as orphans  in an orphanage with all facilities but Josh always felt the need to runaway.  But when they planned a getaway, Josh was left with a lone dusty guitar. She had chetaed him, atleast thats what he thought. After many years when they both met will he fall in love with her again? Will she able to digest the fact that he is still ashamed of being orphan? How can they fall in love if they are so different form each other?

A woncderful romantic novel, which will stir the feelings inside you. If you want a classic romance its a good book to read.


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