Girls of Riyadh By Rajaa Alsanea

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Fiction
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 This week finally I finished the book.  Managed to read it in between work (thank god didn’t get caught by boss).

”Girls of Riyadh” is the story of 4 modern women, living in Saudi Arabia, and their struggle with navigating the divergence between romantic love and the reality of arranged marriage. It is in the form of E mails sent by a stranger to all possible mail id’s with out revealing name. I wanted to read this book from a long time, I am always interested to know about life style and culture from different part of world. I never been to Saudi so I have no idea whether the story resembles the real fact or not.  How much of it is true, only a true girl of Riyadh may be able to tell. But I will conclude it as a different type of writing which will not fail to entertain you. But only read if you like to read about  life of  people who belongs to entirely different life style,culture and society.

 Four friends, Sadeem, Gamrah, Lamees and Michele, fall in love, get married, get their hearts broken, pursue careers and live in all difficulties, share happiness and sadness as real friends. I dont wanna be a spoiler here by telling the story, I won’t tell you what happens to any of them. Its worth reading once 🙂

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