Xcess Baggage by Varsha Dixit

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Fiction, Paranormal Romance
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Its a vampire story I read from an Indian author Varsha Dixit. Its rare to find vampire stories  written by Indian aouthors.

 Its about a young  Indian girl who has nothing exciting in her life other than office and home. Megha chandra  lives in US  but no real social life. One day she  meets a mystery creature ( thats what we can call it becuase its kind of hybrid between vampire and were wolf) who got looks to die for. Actually that is Byron and he came in search of her. Why this mystery creature came? What it has to do with Megha? Will she fall for his looks even though he is not human?

I kinda liked Varsha Dixit’s writing, its humuorous. I am sure once you are reading the book you will love the conversation between Megha and Byron and you will hope for each other to fall in love and live happily ever after. But its not the case here there are many mysteries falling in between.After all loving their own killer is madness. Its not sad or its not happy either. Its something which leaves you with ‘why’ or a big  ‘ooooh’!

  I read this book last year Feb, but  gave this book to my friend before shifting from where I was living before. Now I have to buy this book once again to add to my collection. I want to read her first book “Right fit wrong shoe”. But right now I have  many books waiting for me to read 🙂 But I will definately read her first book.


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