Message in a bottle by Nicholas Sparks

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Fiction, Romance
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Message in a bottle is a unique romantic story.  I read this after reading “Safe Haven” by the same author.

It all starts when Theresa Osborne is vacationing in Cape Code and comes across message in a bottle. Its a message by a man named “Garret” to his  wife about his love. Osborne, a middle aged divorcee starts searching this man and gets information about  more messages similar to this form the same man “Garret”.As she collects them, she herself falls in love with Garrett and she goes in search of him, and finds him in a small, North Carolina town. They fall in love but then the problems starts. He is small town type of guy and wants to stay there, but she is carrier oriented type and she cant stay there . How can they manage this ups and downs in  their relation? Will this distance and difference be an obstacle in their love?

I liked the story but not the ending. Yes as usual its a sad ending. I wanted them to be together forever, but it took  a different twist at the end. But I didn’t cry this time for the sad ending but i cried because his messages. Each letter is unique and full of love. Wow! I should say excellent talent of  writing love letters. The feeling is so real and pure!


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