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I read this book today. I started reading this book side by side with ”Nights in Rodanthe” ( I think there is no chance to finish ¬†”Nights in Rodanthe” soon, some how I end up reading some other novels in between ūüė¶ )

The story line is ¬†about¬†Holly, a 29-year-old Irish woman, who is¬†struggling¬†to lead her life as Gerry, her husband dies of a brain tumor. As they joked before she gets 10 letters from him to get her through the situation she is¬†facing, once he is gone. Its her fight to get back to her life and feel happy again. Her friends Sharon, Denise, and John are very supportive but somehow she finds it hard to move on. I liked the way how story ended, becuase I was expecting Holly to fall in love with Daniel but it didn’t go that way. I am still thinking how a mature person like Daniel can fall for drama queen Laura. But anyways its good for Holly, who deserved more.

I cried throughout the book and felt so sorry for Holly. (Please keep tissues near by when you are reading this ūüôā ) I enjoyed reading this wonderful novel.¬†Even though¬†i watched the movie long back and I knew the story, I enjoyed reading each and every line of this book.

Archie comic series are my favorite comics. I was so crazy about reading these books(now also I read it but not often). I like all characters, the way they are, their lifestyle and way of thinking.

Archie Andrews is a handsome carefree guy, a good flirt, a typical teenage boy. I like Betty Cooper a lot She is kind hearted girl. I always wanted Archie to love Betty but some how he ends up with Veronica, a rich girl. Other characters like Jughead, Moose, Reggie, Dilton are wonderful too.

This is not only entertainment provider but also teaches good values to the teenagers. Characters of this comics  are always against alcohol and drugs.

(I don’t own any of these photos)

There is a garage band called ¬†The¬†Archie’s¬†founded by Archie Andrews, Reggie,¬†Mantle, and Jughead Jones all teen frictional characters of the Archie comic series. Here is my¬†favorite¬†song from this band.

Reading a book is not an easy task. People may think what is there in reading a book, it only needs time. No its not true! Reading is a form of ¬†art, a passion which comes from inside. You may just read a book if you are not interested and still finish it off. But reading a book by taking it to your soul is tough. I have seen people saying,”Dude! how can you read books? Whenever I open a book I fall asleep, I cant even read a page properly”. ¬†They think its kinda cool when they hate books. I came across many who didn’t read any book, other than their academic books. Everybody cant read books and see it close to heart. It needs lot of ¬†things than time (a person who reads will know it)

Books ¬†brings happiness to me, even though I read tragedy I feel joy of reading inside me (May be I am a freak ūüôā or the feeling is common¬†among all book lovers).Its a passion just like my cooking and nail art hobbies. According to me everybody should have some or the other hobby to feel good. Every good hobby is something which is important in life.

I am ¬†not saying everyone should turn into a book worm. What I meant is read a book and see, ¬†its a nice feeling. Go out with a girl/ boy who read books you will know the difference. They are so lively and understanding. Not only reading try to get any good hobby which will make you happy. But still I would say – ‘Dare to read a book’!

I wanted to¬†read¬†this book from a long back. To read this, I skipped reading ”Nights in Rodanthe” which I planned to read by this week starting. I dont ¬†know why I took this long gap to read ”Oliver’s ¬†Story ” (sequel to ”Love story”) after reading ”Love story” years back. ¬†I am a huge fan of Erich Segal. till now I have read two books written by him, and this is third one.

This story is about Oliver after his wife Jenny’s death. Here you can see him struggling to cope up with things in life without Jenny’s presence. ¬†He tries to move on somehow and gives a chance to a lady called¬†Marcie, but feels that no one could and would replace Jenny in his heart becuase their love was for life time. ¬†Slowly¬†he starts liking his father whom he hated the most before. ¬†He takes over the¬†business¬†and tries to stay calm, how Jenny wanted ¬†him to be like,¬†when she was alive.

A wonderful story, I liked it a lot. Its not that¬†lengthy too. I regret for not reading this earlier . I have to watch the movie soon ūüôā

Finally finished ‘Bonded’. The good news ¬†is that its not the last book in this series.¬†It’s just as good as the other three books in this series. ‘Bonded’ ¬†reveals kind of link between all books. I wanted to read this book very badly, so read it in office as well (pretending to work). I read it online( so that I could easily pretend as if I am working on some serious issue on my lap top) through ”Feed books” where downloading facility is available for free. Author of the book Nicky¬†Charles is a great writer, I love her imagination and writing skills. When I told her that I am reading her book in between work¬†¬†( through face book page ) she told me to ¬†be careful and not to get caught by boss ūüôā I liked it so much that she interacts with her book lovers¬†personally.

Bonded starts with some characters who never appeared in previous books. But once you start reading you know where its going and how its linked. There is romance between Reno a tough Enforcer for Lycan Link  and  Brandi , a DC officer. Even though they end up having sex only twice, what is that bond between them which drives them always closer? Brandi remembers nothing about bonding, but how it had happen?

As usual, wonderful novel from author Nicky Charles. In between I felt¬†little¬†boring ¬†but later that faded away soon. Waiting for next book ūüôā

Download link from feed books:

There are two books in my incomplete list.  I keep saying I will read later, but always end up keeping it aside.

  • The whispering road by Livi Michael

This is ¬†a story about brother and sister, who are escaping from where they were treated as servants. I always end up reading til they escape and meet crazy people in some place. I read¬†twice¬†til there ¬†(almost half of the story). I have no idea how and why I cant read this book. I¬†don’t¬†find it that interesting but it not that boring too.

  • The Golden by Lucius Shepard ¬†¬†

This is about some ancient vampire and their life style and rule. I read few pages and felt it very difficult to understand. Kept trying for 4-5 times but still¬†couldn’t¬†read it.

Hope to read this two books soon. May be once I finish my books in ‘yet to read list’. Tel me about your incomplete books ¬† if you have any ūüôā

Somehow it skipped out of my memory.  I dunno how can I forget this wonderful romance?  I read it almost 2 years back. Its an amazing love story filled with romance.

Coming to the story Josh Donovan is a popular singer with huge fan group. Even thogh he is famous and rich, he still misses something and some memories haunt him. Libby Forsythe and Josh Donovan  grew up as orphans  in an orphanage with all facilities but Josh always felt the need to runaway.  But when they planned a getaway, Josh was left with a lone dusty guitar. She had chetaed him, atleast thats what he thought. After many years when they both met will he fall in love with her again? Will she able to digest the fact that he is still ashamed of being orphan? How can they fall in love if they are so different form each other?

A woncderful romantic novel, which will stir the feelings inside you. If you want a classic romance its a good book to read.