Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

Posted: December 25, 2011 in Fiction, Romance
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I read this story recently, four months back. I have already read four novels from the same author so I was kind of predicting the story when I started reading. But for my surprise it turned  out to be entirely different from whatever I read before. I couldn’t put the book down, its an amazing story. A romantic, suspense filled heart melting story.

The main character, “Katie” comes to a new town to “start over.” She wants a new life and a new beginning in a new place. She keeps herself away from people but soon with out knowing she gets close to a local business owner, Alex  a widower, now a single parent. But Katie has got a secret that she never revealed to anyone. Whom she is running away and hiding  from? Will she able to maintain the relationship by hiding the past?

A fantastic story about love and trust. The concept where her past hides and how she struggled in past with the a total psycho, abusive husband is heart melting. But only the ghost concept at the end is kind of unbelievable but totally its a good book.  I would recommend this book, becuase it is worth reading.

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