The last song by Nicholas Sparks

Posted: December 21, 2011 in Fiction, Romance
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When I started reading this book I thought its surely a tragic love story by Nicholas Sparks, if you have read his other novels you will surely think the same. It was Last year, end of the summer I bought this book from a sale. I found it well written and interesting. What I love in this book are the characters, the author created.

Ronnie, who is completely collapsed emotionally after her parents divorce.  She gave up playing the piano–because it makes her feel closer to his father who thought her the piano. I love her character even though sometimes I hated her for the cold treatment she gave to her father. But that’s because she love her father but still somewhere deep inside me I felt bad for her behavior.  Jonah, Ronnie’s 10-year old brother is so sweet and I liked his character. And like Steve’s character too, he is kind, gentle and very understanding person. The way author describes him suits his father character.

First I felt its just a family drama but it has romance too. Ronnie and will’s relationship is something more than a summer fling. Something you’ll want not just for the entire summer, but for the rest of your life. The bond they share is more than crush. Even though its not completely the kind of ending I wanted, I liked it. I enjoyed each and every moment described in this story as if I am seeing them through my eyes. I should say its an amazing story of love, faith, family and trust.

I hope you will feel the same too. Enjoy reading 🙂


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