Lajja Shame by Taslima Nasrin

Posted: December 21, 2011 in Fiction
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Lajja, the controversial novel by Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasrin. A mirror which shows the cruelty of human beings. This was translated from the Bengali by Tutul Gupta.  Two years back I read it and found myself weeping many times thinking about the pain and suffering this book refers to.

The book presents story of a hindu family living in Bangladesh/East Pakistan in 1992 when Babri Masjid riots were going on in India.  Dutta family which loves Bangladesh, even though they see clear discrimination and hatred for Hindus. They go through so much pain everyday. The nation of Bangladesh was created for people who called themselves as ‘Bangla’, but slowly a movement started which converted Bangladesh to an Islamic country. All other religion people were tortured everyday in one or the other way to leave the country.The vision of the nation was to be a secular country, but it  slowly started  getting converted in to an Islamic country. The story tells about the  lives of a family consisting  four people. In the beginning Suranjan is patriotic and wants to stay there and  bring social justice in his country, even his father supports him. However, after the Babri riots happen, everything changes and the family go through hell lot of pain. Slowly Suranjan starts identifying himself as Hindu and not Bangla anymore. The friends he had before had a different vision for him.He and his father tries to take care of family in hard situations unlike all other Hindu’s who left the place in fear.

You can see human beings acting like cruel animals in the name of religion. I feel religion is something which is to help people to lead their life together not to kill each other. Every religion tells about peace, love and happiness. By reading this book you will feel the same 🙂

This book says “let another name for religion be humanism”. What a nice thought about religion!


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