Toxic Bachelors by Danielle Steel

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Fiction, Romance
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When there are  three attractive men in one novel and they want to keep themselves single but want to have all fun, surely you can expect lots of love, romance and heart breaks.  All three of them will decide  not to get married ever and finally, one by one will fall in love with perfect women. I just like that part when they realize that they are in love and cant get out of it. A good romantic story about three men falling in love unexpectedly, yes love is unexpected 🙂

When I read horrible  reviews about this  book I was little hesitated to read this book. But still I wanted to see how the story goes. I agree that author sometimes  repeated sentences but that didn’t matter when I was  completely involved in reading. I just loved the ability to get lost in the lives of others who live a life so unlike my  own. Seriously!  who will have the ability to take such long vacations with best friends every year? I liked the way three men enjoy their vacation in a yacht by travelling to far away places.

I feel that author knows how to drive readers into the lives of characters. A wonderful story about relations, dating and love. I would recommend this book because I feel its worth reading.


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