Thoughtless by S. C Stephens ( Thoughtless, # 1 )

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Fiction, Romance, Young Adults
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Another novel by S.C Stephen, I honestly have to say its a good book 🙂 This is a love triangle, which will capture your heart. Kiera  has a boy friend who is caring  and loving. They head together to a new city to start a life together. Dream job for her boyfriend Deny and opportunity to study at the University she wanted, makes her life more perfect.

 Everything changes, suddenly she feels lonely once her boy friend goes away on work to an another place leaving her with his good  friend who is a bad boy, rock star type. She falls for Kellen Kyle, the rock star. One night everything changes and slowly relationship will grow and she will feel out of control. Will she able to decide whom she want? What will happen to Denny? Is it right for her to cheat on her boy friend?

A love triangle which will not allow you to put the book down. I read it last year after finishing ”Bloodlines”, a paranormal romantic novel by the same author. I found it when I was searching  for more books by this author. The characters and plot are well developed and carefully crafted. Its a roller coaster of emotions.

I would recommend this book because S.C. Stephens is so far one of  my favorite authors and his writing will not disappoint.

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