Anything for you ma’am by Tushar Raheja

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Fiction
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Anything for you, ma’am… A book by Tushar Reheja, a IIT grad, who wrote this book in just 3 months. A fast moving love story with lots of twists, suitable for a  typical Bollywood movie.

Lot of dates and descriptions will confuse you initially but you will get along with that soon. All filmy situations through out the story but I liked their first meeting and the  candle light dinner. Hero of this story is an engineering student Tejas, who falls in love with his sister’s friend Shreya. First half of the book is normal, nothing special happens. But in the second half of the book Tejas plans to bunk his industrial tour and meet his girl.  Its not that easy, he has to lie to his parents and professors who wont believe him.

 When he thinks that everything is gonna be ok,  there is cruel Mr. Fate who is playing games with Tejas, when Tejas feels he has overcome one odd , Mr. fate pops out another. And Tejas like a brave soldier battles against all problems. Will he able to meet his love? What will happen to his journey? To know answers read this book. I can say its entertaining, simple, time pass story, but I have to say here that it’s very dramatic:)

I read it  last April, cost of the book is very less 100 INR


  1. abtraveller says:

    well its a nice story.. but sharing ebook is piracy 😉

    nyways if you like these romantic stories can give a try to “The Notebook” by nicolas spark


    • Deepika says:

      @abtraveller Yes… But I like to share books and download sources with people who like reading 🙂
      I have read “The note book” its a nice love story. I like Nicolas Sparks writing….

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