Sequel of Conversion, the vampire story is “Bloodlines”. Whoever read the first part I am sure will read this too. Another vampire story filled with Romance, love, pain and laugh. Its a roller coaster of emotions. Emma falls in love with a partial vampire whose heart beat is going to stop soon. Will she able to save him? Now she is pregnant, will she be able to keep her babies safe inside? What will they be like- Vampire or human?

To find answer for all these questions there is only a way,  that is  read this book 🙂 I read this book as soon as I finished the first part last year Dec- Jan. Now I am reading the third book, sequel to this two that is – ” Till death”. I was waiting for this book for almost a year and now got to read it 😉

I read it through feedbooks  and the link is :

Enjoy reading i will let you know about the third book when I finish reading.

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