The Name Sake by Jhumpa Lahiri

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Fiction
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This  book is  about the life journey of  of two strangers who married and came to live in a faraway country. First its about the Ashima who comes with her husband and adjusts to him and the new environment. Later the story turns around her son, who is named after his dad’s favorite  author – Gogol, until they get a good name from their parents who live in  India. Later he is named as Nikil, however the pet name remained with him. He tries to find his identity which revolves between his two names.

Entire story is beautifully written. My favorite part is when Ashoke Ganguli comes to see Ashima for marriage. Ashima as a young girl tries secretly his shoes when he came to see her for the first time. They will marry, fly to other country away from her parents and home town. Ashima will struggle to adjust with a stranger but no where their romance is mentioned. It gives me the feeling  how the typical arranged marriage will be in India and how will they try to adjust with each other through out the life but they will love each other in a different way even though they wont show it.

Gogol’s part comes in the story who is like a rebel and finally realises what  his name means and what was his dad’s love for him. A nice story of Indian family who settled abroad away from own people.

I have a personal copy of this novel.  Mira Nair made a movie on it. If you didn’t watch the movie, read  the book before you watch it.Reading conveys a lot of feelings….. 🙂

  1. Roshni says:

    I haven’t watched the movie yet. But i LOVED the book! Maybe because I could relate to the cultural differences mentioned. And I could really relate to Gogol’s search for his own identity. Really great book!

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