Man, Woman and Child by Eric Segal

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Fiction
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Man, Woman and Child is another gem by Eric Segal. As the title indicates the story revolves around Man, his wife and a child, but the child is not theirs its a result of his affair with another lady on a business tour.

The story is mainly concentrated on how she accepts the child and how family reacts to this result of his affair. The book shows the breaking and building relationships between the family. Children’s love for their dad and how they hate this new development in family. As in Love story, even here you can find emotional characters. A nice family story.

I bought this book from the sale after I read Love Story, I just felt like reading more books from the same author. I heard there is an old  hindi movie called Masoom,  and its copy of this story but changed according to Indian audience demands. I would like to watch that movie sometimes and know the changes made to the story.

Link to buy online


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