Love Story by Erich Segal

Posted: December 10, 2011 in Romance
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Love story is a simple story about 2 lovers. Highborn Oliver Barret IV and a middle class Jennifer who meet and fall in love in  Harvard and marry over the objections of Oliver’s family. The novel was best seller and made a great record.

Love story is  written very natural with out any extra explanations and trimming work. Thats why it captures readers heart. Author captured the lovely moments in Oliver and Jennifer’s life  in a very beautiful way. When I read this book I felt the same expirience of love, desire, sadness what Oliver felt. I am sure it will melt your heart in the same way it melted mine, when you read the sacrifices and the struggles they faced to live.
I read it many times:) But it captured my heart when I read it for the first time . So what you waiting for? Go buy a copy of book and start reading I am sure its available everywhere. Its good to have a personal copy of this book. Whenever you feel like reading it you can always read 🙂
  1. Roshni says:

    I loved the humour in the book, and the way the relationship was described! Awesome book! Short and sweet, but good enough to make a mark on your mind. 🙂

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