The Mating by Nicky Charles (Law of Lycans, #1)

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Paranormal Romance
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When I first saw this book online on Feedbooks I thought its just another paranormal novel. But as i started reading this I started loving this book. I couldn’t stop reading even in office. Its a wonderful book about Werewolves. Here Nicky Charles explained about  the Lycan laws, mainly the book is based on that laws of Lycans which help them to keep in troup and away from human knowledge even though they live with the humans.

Romance is everywhere in this book. Lycans romance is explained in a very different way. Romance and Lycan rules are main point of this book. It can be categerised into Paranormal romance. It has 2 more sequels which I read and one more sequel that is 4 th part is pending and expected to release  on 2012 starting.

Go to feed book & download it now and start reading this wonderful novel or purchase your copy now 🙂

Download Link: (

  1. manojuchila says:

    On reading this novel, 1st time I came across nature / life style about Werewolves. The author beautifully described the romance in this novel. I loved it 🙂

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