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Love this book. No one can explain love stories better than Nicholas Sparks. I understood this after “A walk to remember”.  I read this in 4 days  and when I was in the last page I cried like  a baby. The love between Noah and Allie felt so real,so special and once in a lifetime type of love.

Story is very simple, two teenagers meet one summer and fall into love. They are determined not to let the contradicting social status’ affect them. Nevertheless, fourteen years later they find each other after never having heard from the other. Allie Nelson is engaged to another man, but she is drawn first back to the place where she fell in love and eventually falls in love again with Noah.

Its seems so simple but the way author describes this makes the story special. At the end this story is so heart melting and i couldn’t control myself from weeping. Wow is it possible that such love story can exist in real life? A wonderful romantic story. I would recommend this book to people who like love stories. But be careful about the sad ending, be prepared with tissue becuase you will feel the emotions of story from heart very closely 🙂

Finally I got to read this book. Its a sequel of “Conversion” and”Bloodlines”, vampire romance. I finished these tow books long back and was waiting to read the last part “Til Death”. I have already mentioned in my previous post that I read it this year January and since then was waiting for this. I hardly took a week time to finish this book in between my office timings 🙂

I love all three books.I didn’t want it to end, but unfortunately this is the last part. Emma was so happy with her life. Two kids, a vampire husband and family, being a partial vampire she was taking medication to stop from dying and turning into a complete vampire. A content life with a desired job and happy family. Suddenly everything changes and she is forced to stop medication and something she really loved and wanted to be near is taken away. Will she be able to bare the death? What will happen to the one who is taken away from her? Will she get what she wanted back?

An amazing story of love, power and desire for money. Excellent work by author. Another heart touching wonderful vampire novel. I just loved the way author described about Emma’s kids they are such sweet angels. The love between Emma and Teren is something beyond death. Even death can not separate them but  helped to get them closer.

I am so glad that this book is available online. Its free online novel. So enjoy reading 🙂

Link to download is:

This is a nice chick flick but can call it most controversial book of the season. It was blamed that this story contains some copyright paragraphs from other book. The punishment given to this author was very strict. I had to buy a pirated copy as the originals have all been taken away from the market.

Lets not bother about the controversies. I liked the story becuase I felt the narration was so perfect. Its a story about a teenager called Opal an Indian but  living  in America. She is always into books and its her parents dream that she should get in to Harvard. She got all the abilities to get into harvard. But she doesn’t get admission because the dean says that Opal needs to get a social life like other teenagers  as Harvard does not need book addict nerds who do not know how to have a social life. That’s when the problem begins when her parents think about a crazy idea of getting her a social life.

Its a nice young adult story described in a funny and fresh way. I liked the story. What will happen to Opal’s Harvard dream? What is this crazy plan of getting social life? to find out read the book 🙂

Last year June I read this book.  Before reading this book I have already read his other novels – ” 3 mistakes of my life” and ” Two states”. Compared to Chetan Bhagat’s other two books I felt this little boring. First half was going so slow and so did the second half. But after finishing this book I felt its worth reading once, even  though its slow going type.

The characters are funny, and at the same time have some serious turns in their life, which makes you think. It shows how people struggle in their lives , work in call centers and still dream about good, safe life. Everyone in this book has some or the other pain or sacrifices made for their family  which they want to hide  from others.  But the way the religious message at the end of the book was expressed was clumsy.

You can find the e book online or buy a own copy. Its always good to buy books.  Because books are like a gifts which you can reopen and use  several times 🙂

I read this story recently, four months back. I have already read four novels from the same author so I was kind of predicting the story when I started reading. But for my surprise it turned  out to be entirely different from whatever I read before. I couldn’t put the book down, its an amazing story. A romantic, suspense filled heart melting story.

The main character, “Katie” comes to a new town to “start over.” She wants a new life and a new beginning in a new place. She keeps herself away from people but soon with out knowing she gets close to a local business owner, Alex  a widower, now a single parent. But Katie has got a secret that she never revealed to anyone. Whom she is running away and hiding  from? Will she able to maintain the relationship by hiding the past?

A fantastic story about love and trust. The concept where her past hides and how she struggled in past with the a total psycho, abusive husband is heart melting. But only the ghost concept at the end is kind of unbelievable but totally its a good book.  I would recommend this book, becuase it is worth reading.

Its another young adult novel I read  it online 6 months back.I was little attracted to the title, I thought its a novel about frustrations and problems of young adults. But on reading I found this book is very humorous and fun filled story of a teenage girl.

Story is about a teenager, Kate  who is always blamed and compared with her Miss PERFECT sister who is elder to her  and good at everything. Her best friend is a boy and lives next door he is so hot and popular she cant even judge  if she loves him or not but she surely knows that she hates him. Finally a day comes where she have to fit in to the drama role which her sister was doing earlier. Can Kate do this role? Will she ever judge what is she want with her next door best friend?

After all this I am sure you will be eager to read this novel to know what are those 16 reasons in Kate’s life  which she calls as reasons why her life sucks. Its a free online novel! Enjoy reading 🙂

Hope you enjoy this book.

Its written by an Indian author Chetan Bhagat. I first read his book Two states then got addicted to his reading. I like the way he describes everything in simple English as if its meant for school children.

The characters are three ordinary men who starts a business venture and strive to make it big. They are the owners of a sports goods store. They have their own fears and philosophies in life. Omi fears he will end up being the priest of the temple. Ishan fears he will never be able to live his dreams of being a cricketer through Ali. Govind appears focused and ambitious though. They all have simple life until Bhuj earthquake and the Godhra riots turns up. People will go mad and in the name of religion they will start  behaving like mad animals.

Romance is part of this book too. Govind falls in love with Ishan’s sister, under a very strict condition where he can not tell that to anyone.  Beautifully, the true events are molded into the story which makes it feel real but somewhere you feel its true fiction because its not completely explained either.

Mistakes are part of life. Its important that how well we deal with them and over come to live the desired life we want. Miatakes are ways to learn a new way to succeed in my opinion. Worth reading it once.